Monday, May 11, 2009

News Worth Waiting For...

At the recommendation of the site committee, the Three Trees Board completed negotiations and signed a lease on April 2, 2009.

We have a new location!
(effective mid-summer; see below)

Where is it? It’s in Countryside Office Park (9415 East Harry, Ste. 501), which is just southwest of Harry and Webb Road.

What was the process to find the space? The Board appointed a site committee shortly after the fire. It’s been led by Board member Jerry Jones with a lot of assistance from Patrick Ahern. Rounding out the committee was Allan Dunne, Ross Way, Ron Bretches, and Jim Hattan. Jerry’s committee conducted a small survey of volunteers, families and staff to learn what people wanted in the space. Then they used the input as guidelines in their search. They considered many properties throughout Wichita, narrowed the list, visited a few, narrowed the list again and ultimately recommended Countryside Office Park location.

What’s it like? The office has 2,990 sq ft (about 500 sq ft more) and is laid out as a rectangle rather than an “L” configuration like we had before. In addition to six rooms for the age-appropriate groups, there is also a large community/work room, a craft storage room with shelves from floor to ceiling, separate storage areas for office and kitchen supplies, a library/office, two restrooms (yes inside our office) and access to a grassy area behind the office. Oh, there is plenty of parking, too.

When do we move in? This will happen in two stages. First, the space needs some modification to better fit our needs. The building owner is coordinating this construction which we anticipate being done mid-May. Then stage 2 starts – making the space look like Three Trees. This will take place mainly over the summer. Our ultimate goal is to be moved in and ready to go in August, just in time for the start of our fall groups.

Who’s making the space look like Three Trees? An interior design committee led by our co-founder Katie Frank will be coordinating the interior. Other’s on her committee include Georgia Ahern, Gay Dalhke and JoVeta Wescott. I’m sure they will need volunteers, so if you’re interested in helping please let me know. In addition, we have a site fundraising committee who goal is to raise the funds needed to set up the new place and implement our program during the next five years. Russ Meyer, III is chairing this committee. He’s being assisted by Joan Moore and David Wheeler right now and possible a few others as we go along.

We are so appreciative to all the people who have helped sustain the organization since the fire. Thank you to those providing input to the site committee about our needs and others who were so diligent in securing this space. Thank you to Dunne Equities, Eastminster Church and Ed Lincoln for providing office and group space to us during the interim. Thank you to all our friends and families for your patience, understanding, support, advice, determination and your overall belief in our mission. You all are the best!

For further updates on the progress of the remodel including photo’s please remember to check our blog periodically ( There you will find the most pertinent Three Trees news and maybe get a few laughs and/or inspiration too.