Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Temporary Home!

The new year started with some very good news: we have a temporary home!
7309 East 21st Street, Suite 240

This office will allow us to get our groups and our administrative offices back under one roof. It will also give us time to find the right space and get it fixed up to be the warm and comforting place we all want for Three Trees. We anticipate being at this location for a few months.

Right now we’re in the process of finalizing arrangements with the building management and getting furniture in place. Next Monday we’ll move in craft supplies so we can start doing groups. Monday Night Re-Connect meets this coming week and our first Mending Lives group starts on Tuesday. Administrative functions will move within the next 7-10 days. In the meantime, we’re still located at Dunne Equities…three buildings to the west of our location in Tallgrass Executive Park.

A very special thank you to the building owner and management. Not only are they allowing us to office there free of charge, but they are letting us use some furniture they have in an on-site storage room. Thank you Ed!

If you come to visit us or perhaps are attending a group session, please park on the south side of the building. If you are coming in the evening you will need to enter the west door as it remains unlocked until 8:30 p.m.

A Word from Jacqui, our Program Coordinator

Since the fire at our building we have been working hard to maintain the quality of our Groups and to create the same safe atmosphere that we have had for the last eight years at our Three Trees building. Our gratitude runs deep for everyone who has made that possible.

The holiday celebrations are over for another year and we are looking to the future and to what the Year 2009 will bring. The world can feel like a very unsafe and insecure place sometimes but there are always ways of picking out the strands of hope, promise, healing and joy. They are there. Be around people who can point them out to you. Find them for yourself. Believe that they are there for you.

In our busy world it is often hard to find the time for self reflection. As you approach another New Year I urge each of you to claim a piece of time to ask yourself:

“How do I keep my spirit alive? How do I listen to my heart? How do I appreciate the good, the beautiful and the truthful in life?” ~ Alan Wolfelt.

It is also a common theme with our volunteers that they know how important it is to stay emotionally and physically healthy but….
Finding the time for rest and relaxation can be a challenge but can prevent a myriad of ailments. How many of you know that already? Come on, you know who you are! Do you remember the joy of being childlike?

As we ‘grow up’ we can leave behind healthy childlike ways of having fun and dreaming our way through the day. Find them again. Watch a child laugh and play. Laugh out loud with a child. Children can re-teach you; lead you back to your childhood joy. Can you find the time for this?

Happy New Year to you all. ~ Jacqui