Monday, February 23, 2009

A Note From Jacqui

Hello to all our wonderful volunteers!

We had our first Mini-training for facilitators this Saturday morning and eight of you were able to attend. Helen did a great job of informing us, listening to us, and allowing for some connecting and communicating between Facilitators. Some concerns were shared and some sadness for the loss of Building 800 was voiced. I look forward to more time together at our next training March 21.

I hope that each one of you knows how much you are appreciated by everyone at Three Trees. I am the lucky one who gets to be with you as you help our families but be assured every staff and Board member is appreciative of everything you do for Three Trees. I will let you know what is planned for our next permanent home as soon as I know. It just takes time to get everything in order. The Board's Site Committee is working hard for us.

Watch this space and thank you, each one of you for everything.

Your Program Coordinator,

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